The second edition of "About Love, Hate & the Other Ones" is currently in production. The release of the sequel is planed for autumn 2019. There will be new other ones, tons of levels and it will take place in a 3d environment. I am working hard to get this one done and I am also happy to spend the next couple of month with both : Love and Hate. The Screenshots on this page are still work in progress, they are just that you can get an idea in which direction the sequel will go. Best, Tobias 🙂

  • Love

    …is one of our maincharacters, well known and full of, well, love

  • Hate

    …is the other maincharacter who ensures that situations which cannot be solved with love get fixed.

  • The Holy One

    Gravity is no deal for him, he’s flying above the ground.

  • The Lying One

    …is someone you cant trust. The only thing which is for sure, is that he will turn everything into a lie.

  • The Cold One

    …doesn’t care who talks to him. For him everybody is the same.

  • The Red Button

    …a mysterious device which teleported Love & Hate away from their beloved hill.

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